Mask Face With sexy gasmask babe

Maskface is a disturbing, kinky, powerfull silicon transistor Fuzz pedal. 
Totally handbuilt, every component has been manually selected and tested to obtain the "right" maskface sound.
The pedal use the same handcrafted circuit of the Limited Edition.

Note that transistors have been trimmed for great tone vs. volume so it doesn't have a lot of volume.

It features handmade exclusive big 30mm spiral knobs.

Standard Boss-style 2.1mm 9VDC input, negative tip. Current draw is under 50mA.

Pedal Dimensions (LxWxH): 12 x 9 x 4,5 cm

Availability : this pedal is not available at the moment. Usually it will take 30 working days to be built.



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